Monday, November 12, 2007

A Veteranís Day Prayer: Offered at the Missouri State University Celebration
on 12 November 2007

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Provider of the primeval mass, Primary Fuse of the All, Flinger of stars and planets into the far reaches of the universe, Seeder of earth and Beginner of its blossoming life:

We are grateful for our tiny blue/white planet in this corner of the galaxy, a unique gem, as far as telescopes see. It suffers much at our hands. May we become more responsible!

We are thankful for our great land, America, the beacon of democracy in the universe. Alas, the lighthouse suffers from lack of attention and involvement. May we become more responsible!

We are grateful for Americaís young men and women and seasoned patriots in whose hearts the ideal of democracy burns bright, leading them to serve in the dangerous and risky business of war to protect the land and the ideal of democracy. May we who remain behind be actively more grateful for their service and sacrifices!

Let us never forget those fallen patriots who through our nationís history served the land and the ideal, whose mortal remains lie buried in distant lands and in the hallowed grounds of patriot cemeteries. May we always remember!

For our nationís leader and leaders yet to come, we pray for wisdom, leading to policies that unite our nation with all nations on this tiny planet in the pursuit for peace and the common good of all.

May it be so! Amen

Posted by Charles Hedrick at 3:02pm


Amen! Very well said, Dad.
Posted by Kay Hedrick on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 12:58 PM

I will second the amen of your daughter. Gosh she must have been really small when I last saw her.

I see the chaplaincy is still rooted in you. I watch the listing of the fallen on the news hour each week. We do not see the life altering injuries to body and psyche in the many, many more who joined to serve the country and who now willingly, and often unwillingly. find themselves carrying out the belligerent policies of men who never saw combat, and who have recklessly thrown young and idealistic men into this war.

I will join you in prayer for the future leaders of this country, but I hardly believe that any change will occur in the highest ranks of our current leaders. They have surely made faint this beacon of liberty and justice.

Regards, Paul
Posted by Paul Larsen on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 4:50pm